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Our company culture is based around Giving Back. With this initiative, we are proud to be a sponsor of The Jamaica Project USA. Here we help transform lives and communities in the rural areas of Jamaica by giving back to students, adopting school projects, community projects and helping to build community centers. We are also proud to announce the start of the new Just One education initiative. Tucker Industrial Solutions is committed to helping others. Our company will be focused on giving back to children, schools and rural communities in Jamaica and has pledged to donate 10% of all profits made to help support project funding. 

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We are committed to providing excellent service solutions,  while building long-term client partnerships.

The Jamaica Project USA - Transforming Rural Communities & Schools

"I paid my own way through technical college, no loans or grants. Every quarter I wrote a check. I just kept working several jobs at once and continued to stay focused on my career goals."

                                                              - Shun Tucker

Since the beginning, Shun Tucker has always been a forward thinking visionary. After having spent more than the past 2 decades in the Field of Technology and watching the market trends, it became very obvious what was about to change the way we live and our future - Industrial Technology.

STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) has always been apart of Shuns life dating back to early childhood long before they started using the name in schools now. Growing up in Kansas City, KS was not always easy and the options were few considering there were hardly any technical colleges to choose from. Upon moving to Atlanta, GA after graduating high school, Shun attended Dekalb Technical Institute and enrolled into the Electronics Technology Program. After graduating from the program several years later in 1991, new career opportunities soon began to open.

Since starting the company that would later come to be known as Tucker Industrial Solutions, Shun has had the opportunity to work with some of the industry's most valued associates. These days when not at work, Shun spends his time mentoring new up and coming Industrial Service professionals. After becoming an Adjunct Instructor for the Electronics Program in 2010 for 2 years, he now serves as Chairman of the Advisory Committee for the Electronics & Engineering Program at Georgia Piedmont Technical College. Here, there is a continued opportunity to speak to classes and also stay involved in new program curriculum suggestions and strategies.

Electronics Technology
Program Advisory Committee Chairman


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It is also our goal to have a complete understanding of each of our client's unique business needs and to determine a strategy for them to get the most out of our service labor.


Tucker Industrial Solutions is designed to be the premier service provider to operate as a high volume, low cost service provider that can easily partner with the corporate servicing community and help them to administer "best practice" service ideals.

With these fundamentals in place, we strive to be the provider of choice and deliver cost cutting service solutions in a manner that benefits all parties involved.



Here at Tucker Industrial Solutions, we deliver top-notch service at any level anywhere in the Americas, Canada and the Caribbean. We continue to develop a limitless network of tech professionals that provide the best service solutions in the industry. By partnering with Tucker Industrial Solutions, your company can count on us to utilize the power of Industrial Service to maximize the return on your product investment.


"We are committed to providing excellent service solutions while continuing to build long-term client partnerships."


"It is our goal to have a complete understanding of each of our clients business needs and determine a strategy for them to get the most out of our service labor."

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